Adventures of Max: Galaxy Squad

In this episode, Max—the LEGO Club mascot—crash lands on a distant planet and has to contend with some pesky aliens.
Will it be a stand-up fight, or just another bug hunt? Choose from one of four different endings to decide!

The endings:

Ending #1 – The Swat Flyer
Ending #2 – Mech-ing Moves
Ending #3 – Spray It Don’t Say It
Ending #4 – A Bright Idea

Director – David Pagano
Design and Animation – Valerie Champagne, David Pagano
Compositing and Effects – Joey Abisso, Valerie Champagne, Katie G. Jones, David Pagano, Andrew Roberts, Jeff Wallenhorst

For The LEGO Group:

Writer – Rachel Lareau
Art Director – Joe Galluccio
Project Managers – Andrea Sprague, Amy Kelly
Sound Design by Tapeworks Inc.