HAWAT: BRICK 101 LEGO Godzilla

In this episode, David and guest animator Christopher Gearhart (of Bricks Brought to Life) animate the BRICK 101 Godzilla model designed by Mark Larson and Dave Pickett.

Support Godzilla on LEGO Ideas: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/d65caaf7-5ca2-4fbe-b0c5-5af830d09754

Created and Hosted by David Pagano

Guest Animator: Christopher Gearhart

“Godzilla” model provided by BRICK 101

Title Design by Mark Pagano

3D Modeling and Title Fabrication by Chris Pagano

Music by Matt Witham

“How About We Animate That” theme song by David Pagano

This episode was supported by patrons on Patreon: James Morr, Dave Pickett, Ben “Sonjira” Young

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