LEGO Dimensions: Lumpy Space Princess Meets B.A. Baracus

LEGO Dimensions: Lumpy Space Princess Meets B.A. Baracus
Lumpy Space Princess introduces one of the newest LEGO® Dimensions heroes: B.A. Baracus! Melissa better lumpin’ watch out…

Client: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Stephanie Johnson – VP, Brand Marketing
Jennifer George – Director, Brand Marketing
Evelyn Icarro – Senior Marketing Manager
Jamie Kim – Associate Manager, Global Brand Marketing
Douglas Heder – Producer, LEGO Dimensions

Agency: modop

Aaron Sternlicht – Partner/ EP
Jesse White – Creative Director
Hank Strong – Senior Producer
Andrei Haq – Copywriter / Producer
Tai Erskine – Lead Video Editor
Julian Bishop – Visual Designer / Animator
Pride St. Clair – Animator / Game Capture
Jason Lee – Animator
Sonicpool – Audio Mix / Color Correction

Stop-motion and digital face animation: Paganomation

Valerie Champagne – Production Manager
David Pagano – Set Design / Compositing / Minifigure Lead Animator
Matt Witham – Facial Animation / LSP Lead Animator