LEGO Dimensions: Supergirl Meets E.T.

LEGO Dimensions: Supergirl Meets E.T.
Two beings from space. Both adopted into normal Earthling families. Both have conquered the power of flight. Both masters of disguise. Only one is like, really obsessed with phones. Find out which two heroes will be joining the fight against evil-doers, criminals, and just bad dudes in the LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ Multiverse this September!

Client: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Stephanie Johnson – VP, Brand Marketing
Jennifer George – Director, Brand Marketing
Evelyn Icarro – Senior Marketing Manager
Jamie Kim – Associate Manager, Global Brand Marketing
Douglas Heder – Producer, LEGO Dimensions

Agency: modop

Aaron Sternlicht – Partner/ EP
Jesse White – Creative Director
Hank Strong – Senior Producer
Andrei Haq – Copywriter / Producer
Tai Erskine – Lead Video Editor
Julian Bishop – Visual Designer / Animator
Pride St. Clair – Animator / Game Capture
Jason Lee – Animator
Sonicpool – Audio Mix / Color Correction

Stop-motion and digital face animation: Paganomation

Valerie Champagne – Production Manager
David Pagano – Set Design / Compositing / Stop-Motion Lead Animator
Matt Witham – Digital Face Design / Facial Animation Lead / Animation Assistant