Little Guys!™

I recently found this video on an old VHS tape at the bottom of my closet.

Just kidding. “Little Guys!™” is an animated homage to (and parody of) the toy commercials of the late ’80s/early ’90s.

As someone with a love for toys and an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, I decided to take LEGO® bricks—which can be used to create pretty much anything—and use them to make an exciting commercial for a fake toy that does essentially nothing.

Written, Designed, Directed, Record, Animated, and Edited by David Pagano
Voice Talents – Allison Fischer, David Pagano, Mark Pagano, Chris Chan Roberson
Additional Design Work – Mark Pagano
Lighting Assistant – Ben Oviatt
Animation Assistants – Leonard Pagano, Mark Pagano
Sound Design Assistants – Matt Campbell, Erin Natal
Foley Engineer/Sound Mixer – Joey Abisso
Music by Steve Stein